Wealth Management

IPC provides tailored investment solutions to wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors, family offices and financial intermediaries. Although the Australian equity market is a particular area of expertise, we offer clients a full suite of wealth management services, including advice and implementation across a range of asset classes.

Strategic Asset Allocation

IPC uses extensive internal and external research to construct strategic asset allocation frameworks. Portfolios are then constructed, tailored for each client’s risk profile and return objectives, and managed according to these strategic asset allocations, which are subject to regular review. Our strategic asset allocation framework includes exposure to:

  • Global and Australian equities
  • Fixed income and cash securities
  • Listed and unlisted managed investments
  • Alternative investments and property

Active Management

In addition to robust portfolio construction and regular reviews, our clients enjoy the following active management services:

  • In-house investment implementation 
  • Asset allocation and investment advice for superannuation
  • Ongoing monitoring and review of investment portfolios and fund manager performance
  • Access to new investment opportunities through IPC’s extensive network

Personal Service

Our wealth management services are tailored to the needs of each client. We charge an annual fee for our services, dependent on the size and number of investments in each portfolio. Each client will:

  • Experience an in-depth onboarding process to establish a risk profile, financial objectives and other parameters
  • Receive a detailed investment proposal, based on recommended asset allocation with specific recommendations on each investment
  • Receive regular reporting
  • Meet with their adviser at least annually to review their portfolio

Direct Ownership of Securities

We partner with several quality investment platforms, which provide clients with several benefits, including:

  • Having direct ownership of individual securities and managed investments, ensuring visibility and transparency
  • Ability to diversify portfolio over a range of asset classes and investments 
  • Administrative efficiency
  • Ease of reporting for tax purposes

Risk Management

Investment portfolios are well diversified to reduce portfolio risk without sacrificing returns. This may include diversification across:

  • Asset class
  • Sectors
  • Securities 
  • Investment managers, including manager style and investment process